About Us

Our Story

About a year ago, a few people intensely passionate about Education happened to meet over coffee. Each person brought to the table, all that they had imagined what education should do to a person. It was an interesting discussion, debate or an argument one may say. We continue to bicker over the influence of education has on a life, but one thing we agreed almost immediately, that there was urgent need for education to catch up on innovation and technology in all areas including development, structure and delivery.

What if we can imagine a world, where education is a continuous process that goes beyond the confines of the classroom; What if one could meet and connect with students with similar interests from all over the world, after all, our peers are our biggest teachers; what if someone who is pursuing Computer Science, can simultaneously wet their feet in liberal arts; What if we can draw a line from education to employment, or rather career, and start building upon skills much before you are under pressure to find a job? Or what if it eventually becomes such that careers end up finding you? Interesting, is it? There are many more such questions that needs and has sustainable solutions.

All these questions fuel our passion, and our commitment to the cause. We also believe that the solutions to these questions can render a sustainable and profitable business case.

We want to implement solutions which meet the cutting edge of technology, efficiency of pedagogy, and convenience of delivery, where self paced is the norm, social is a fundamental and mobile is a given.

The true purpose of Education, afterall, is change, and change it must.